Covin III - The Junk Moon


The third moon orbiting the planet Covin, the Junk Moon has been a repository for Covin’s waste for hundreds of years, turning the once lush, grassy hills and beautiful river lands into a rust covered wasteland of detritus. Polluted beyond repair the moon was abandoned by the people of Covin and their Hutt masters generations ago, leaving the moon and its contents to decay. However, the Junk Moon is not uninhabited, quite the contrary. The planetoid is a common stop-over for countless scavenging vessels whose passengers carefully comb its surface for any valuables that could make them a profit, and it isn’t uncommon for these spectators to come to blows over the choicest of prizes – often resulting in one of the contender’s bodies being discarded and forgotten amongst the rust forests of the planet’s surface.

The planet is divided into two sizable continents divided by a massive ocean which has been tainted by oil and chemical waste. The first and largest continent has been labeled Rustovia by the frequenting bands of scavengers and low-lifes on account of its massive rust forests. The second, Carboni, is filled with far more biological matter than its arid neighbor – most of which is putrid and rotting. Scattered throughout the oceans are small island chains and archipelagos deemed “Asteroid Isles,” most of which are little more than large rocks jutting from the ocean floor – although some house treasures well worth risking the ocean’s treachery.

Given the reputation and nature of the Moon it is often avoided by anyone with an aversion to filth and most travellers give it a wide birth due to the ring of orbiting wreckage that encompasses it, making it a perfect location for nefarious dealings and shadowy gatherings – if one can get past the stench.

Covin III - The Junk Moon

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