King Harakavos' Court


Amidst the towering pleasure spires, glittering casinos, ornate bath houses, and the many other ostentatious entertainments Covin Prime has to offer, sits the massive spire palace of the self proclaimed “King” Harkavos. This palace is a true spectacle to behold. As gloriously decadent as it is fortified, as beautiful as it is dangerous, and as imposing as its illustrious monarch. So tall is the Palace of Harkavos that the bulk of its chambers exist above the planet’s stratosphere and so vast is the main structure that it can be seen from the edge of the system – a giant dark spot on the worlds pristine blue surface.

It is within this den of debauchery and perversion that the ruler of the Covin System rests atop his gilded throne as he has done for the last seven hundred cycles, watching as his venerated guests indulge all their most wild whims. Senators rub elbows with crime bosses, while imperial moffs shake hands with smuggler barons and all of them maintain their best behavior, because being a guest within the vast halls of Harkavos’ palace comes with a set of expectations – and those who breach protocol or step too far quickly become the following nights spectacle and are rarely seen or heard from again.

At its heart Covin Prime is a criminal world, run by a criminal organization and all the pomp and glamour does little to truly hide the nature of its rulers. What most may see as an exotic resort to while away their spare time, a truly astute individual might notice a racket – every activity costs a premium which is in and of itself almost a crime, but the true treasure is the secrets that trade hands, the intrigue between the galaxies elite as they vie for dominance over one another in a dance of deceit; this is more priceless to Harkavos than any credits – because in his substantially long life the King has learned a great deal of lessons, and none more so than the power and price of secrets.

The King’s Court
“King” Harkavos
“Queen” Surrah Flunti
Tort the Hutt
Argol “The Great”
Pyit Wohm
Krask’oro Kon
Sorscha Yesh
Wessen Hersh
Gaizer Torrok “Gundark Herder”

King Harakavos' Court

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