Groda is both the youngest planet and the largest in the Grodara system, the force of its tremendous gravity constantly pulling its smaller siblings into a close orbit around its venerable mass. Additionally, the planet was home to densely packed minerals of all kinds, and as a result it was the location of dozens of “galactic gold rushes” in its day. Groda’s abusive history of strip mining excavations and expeditions has left it’s bulk dotted with the deep sores of thousands of quarries of all shapes and sizes – all of which have long since been abandoned by their creators, with their prizes in hand. Now it sits idly, it’s arid landscapes devoid of the industries and commerce that once made it a central hub of trade in the galaxy…

Yet many of the disenfranchised and dispossessed laborers and families that made the rush for profit and glory have been stranded on the dustball – with no credits or means of leaving many of these desperate folk have reverted to a more tribal state, fighting over what limited supplies still reside in the abandoned control centers and trade hubs that once dotted the planet. These forsaken bands form loose clans that vie for dominance, racing their jury-rigged battle vehicles across the arid plains of the planet always spoiling for a fight.

Due to the general hostility of the “natives” the very few civilized settlements that still remain populated on the surface boast formidable defenses to act as a deterrent to the roving bands of brigands. These places are generally ruled over by individuals who fashion themselves as Tyrants or Kings – demanding fealty and tribute for safety and security, while ensuring only those who are wealthy enough to pay ever get to leave the planet for a better life.


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