The Junk Moon


Nothing about Gulboto truly sets him apart from other Dug – he possesses the same lithe frame with powerful arms used for walking, and small vestigial legs and feet that are used for more dexterous tasks. Always garbed in plain, practical clothing and sporting his high quality protective eyewear – Gulboto does not truly strike the figure of a savvy businessman, then again a great many things on Covin III aren’t as they appear.


Growing up on the speed circuit of Corellia can be a tough life – being dragged from race to race by a father who was absorbed by his work – never making friends or forging any real relationships, a young Gulboto found himself becoming motivated by trinkets and materialistic things. They gave him comfort and allowed him to fight his lonliness. As he aged his obsession with material goods increased and he found himself stealing things that caught his eye. Partly for the rush, partly for the gains, but mostly as a cry of attention to his wayward father.

Unfortunately for the young Dug his actions carried consequences that would see his relationship shattered. Arrested for petty theft and charged Gulboto was disowned by his callous sire and left to find his own way out of the debt he built for himself. Sorrow turned to rage and then to determination. Gulboto paid off his debt through a year of public service and then packed up what meager belongings he had and set out into the galaxy to find something, anything, that would make him famous – so that he could rub his success in his good for nothing father’s face.


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