Viridian Wind

The Viridian Wind:


The Viridian Wind at first glance is a regular, run of the mill YT-2400 Light Freighter, equipped for cargo transport, mercantile objectives, and passenger expeditions and it’s spotless record confirms it is used for just that. However, under the meticulous veil of deception lies the vessels true purpose. It is a vessel of the Rebellion and one whose crew is tasked with covert missions and information gathering.

Owned and operated by the Gand known as Jhozer, a merchant who has a less than savory opinion of the Galatic Empire’s tax levies, tariff laws, brutal enforcement methodologies, and iron grip on the once free markets of the Republic. Jhozer was quick to offer his services and his ship to the Rebellion’s cause and has since captained the vessel faithfully with his trusted droid “Moe,” and his well equipped and capable Rebel companions, going on missions of critical importance to the revival of the Republic.

Within its moderately sized cargo hold the vessel also holds a secret tool to assist the crew in their endeavours. A rare and exotic vessel that will allow them to get where they need without fear of detection of conflict. After all, with missions of such import there is no room for error.

Viridian Wind

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