(S.C.I.O.N) – Scout & Combat Insurgent Operative N1 Droid.

Designed by Kalison Gent as the next step in combating the growing discontent in Empire controlled systems, the S.C.I.O.N Class Droids are equipped with multi-jointed limbs, high-tensile servo’s and are made of a carbon-fiber body – making them far more supple and lithe than their predecessors. While not as hardy as the super battle droids employed by the Seperatists during the clone wars, and by no means as numerous as the standard droid deployed on the same battlefields, the S.C.I.O.N makes up for its weaknesses with its intelligence and agility.

Employed as reconnaissance troops for Stormtrooper battalions, or used to sniff out and hunt down known dissidents, these Droids were designed to replace Imperial dependence on contract bounty hunters and mercenaries. The design takes the cerebral cortex of a protocol droid (which is adapted for combat tactics) and an original chassis to make an intelligent, determined, and potent opponent.


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