Star Wars - Shadow War

Mission One - Part Two

Static erupts from your comms briefly before clearing into the familiar voice of Bishop

“Squad? – if you’re hearing this head to the rendezvous point on Covin III, but be careful! We may have crippled the Erebus but our scanners have picked up a duo of Star Destroyers entering the system. Obviously the Admiral has requested aid. They’re currently locked in negotiations with Covin Prime who no doubt perceive the arrival of two substantial military vessels as questionable at best. This gives you guys some time to get to safety.”

more static breaks up the transmission

“Scratch that, the lead Star Destroyer has sent out a TIE squadron – apparently a deal of some kind was struck. Hold on – Jhozer says the Imperials offered their capital ships as leverage to release the fighter squadron to hunt you down and apparently that was enough to calm the Hutts nerves. Damn, you have to get to Covin III now!”

yet more static

“The encryption is causing some disturbance in this damned asteroid field. Get to the Junk Moon and we’ll try to orchestrate your recovery – but remember the primary objective is getting that data to our contact on the surface. If it’s the same contact I’ve dealt with in the past, it will be a static Twi’lek woman – the Imperial’s have locked onto my transmission and are trying to locate you, you’re on your own from here out. Get to the damned moon! – good luck.”

Attack on The Erebus!
Mission One

The holoprojector whirs to life revealing a young mirialan woman with a stern looking man standing over her shoulder.

Hey Gang!

I realize a few of you are new to our little super-secret team, but I don’t have time to get to know you just yet.

I have it from down the wire that there is a very special Imperial Dreadnaught cruising through space that is chalk full of secrets, the kind of secrets that our mutual benefactors would love to get their hands on. That’s where you come in – The higher ups want you to take the Viridian Wind and head to the Covin System. We have solid and reliable intel that the ship – Codenamed Erebus – will be hiding within an Asteroid Belt in the system. I’ve sent over a dossier with all the system specs in it here. A loud ding indicates that your datapad has received new data

It should be noted that this is no run-of-the-mill vessel, think of it as a mobile test lab for up and coming weapons for the Empire. They are hiding it not only away from the prying eyes of their enemies, but also out of secure systems and we want to know why. The current “theory” is that there is a special weapon being designed and fabricated on that vessel, perhaps unpredictable and volatile, and you lucky people get to dare its dangers to retrieve these designs.

Bishop chimes in Our tactical knowledge on the craft and its crew is spotty at best. What we know is this: The ship has a skeleton crew, mostly some custom droids called SCION units, designed by the officer of the vessel Admiral Kalison Gent, a nasty piece of work. She’s one of the brilliant minds of the new order and one cruel, cold hearted bitch – so don’t under estimate her. There is also some top tier science staff – non-combatants – and a couple of support staff.

he continues The ship’s route through the asteroid should be predictable due to the nature of the belt, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find. Use your stealth shuttle to get to the Erebus, sneak aboard and retrieve that data! Once you’re safely away rendezvous with a contact on the Junk Moon, she’ll reveal herself once she knows you’ve made a clean escape. She will take the plans and ensure they reach one of our bases swiftly and without incident.

Kleo speaks up again And that’s it friends! Good Luck!

Tria out!


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