Zyleen Toret

The Junk Moon


For a Twi’lek past her prime Zyleen still cuts a stunning figure – that coupled with her sharp wit and keen eye leaves little room for surprise at her ascent from slave to corporate matriarch. The place where her age shows through the most is in her eyes, however, as it is plain to see she carries the weight of decades of loss and guilt within her heart. She may do her best to put on a strong front and take charge, but anyone who spends any amount of time with her will be able to glean the frailty within her. She has lost everything, including many years of her life – and now all she has is the pursuit of a dream that once seemed so close at hand.


Born into slavery and raised to be submissive to her betters, Zyleen represents the true potential of every Twi’lek trapped in bondage across the galaxy. She did not break her shackles, nor did she fight against the powers that oppressed her – instead she convinced her owner to marry her and, after his passing, she was left with a veritable trade empire. Her first task was to end the slavery of her kin, instead making them into paid employees who were expected in turn to pay for room and board as well as any luxuries they may have taken for granted during their slavery. She then shored up the corruption within the organization – replacing the board of directors with people she trusted and surrounding herself in those loyal to her vision.

Once her vision was reached, after years of internal struggle and even some open conflict, she moved towards the liberation of the entire Twi’lek race. Using her vast treasury she began leveraging the release of Twi’leks from their “owners.” When she was met with resistance or hostility she returned it in kind. Unfortunately, despite her resounding success across the galaxy, the rise of the Empire soon saw her business crushed, as many of her enemies rushed to support the New Order and were quick to turn their new allies against her.

Her company shattered along with her dreams, and her hard won victories back-sliding as many of her freed comrades were re-captured and shipped to Imperial facilities out of her reach, Zyleen was faced with a hard decision. Give up on her dreams and survive or go down in a blaze of glory. She opted for the ladder, mustering all her friends and comrades she attempted to storm an Imperial blockade to free the prisoners during transit. Even with the element of surprise her fleet was decimated and, if not for the swift actions of her most trusted friend, Nerrod Krag, she would have met her end that day as well. An explosion ripped her bridge apart and knocked her into a coma – Nerrod carried her to the hanger bay and manned a shuttle, driving through the firefight and warping to safety.

Her coma lasted many years, Nerrod never leaving her side, and when she awoke the galaxy had changed for the worse. Lost and without purpose the two of them wandered the galaxy, making money as mercenaries and traders, smugglers and bounty hunters – until they were called to action by the Rebellion. With renewed purpose Zyleen has thrown her entire being into seeing the Rebellion succeed, to restore her dreams and see her friends returned to freedom.

Zyleen Toret

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