Tria Kleo

Lost Contact


A young, talented journalist who uses her radio station to keep the galaxy apprised on current events within the Core Systems. She walks the line between openly challenging Imperial Propaganda and endorsing it, coming across as both a supporter and challenger of the New Order from show to show – one thing is certain she is as courageous as she is honest.


The youngest daughter of multi-corporate C.E.O Paxton Kreo, Tria grew up never wanting for anything. She had the finest clothes, the greatest toys, and the highest education credits could buy. Yet, unlike her spoilt sisters, Tria was acutely aware of the fact that the other kids were not as fortunate as she was. She would give her things away to those in need without a second thought, often earning the ire of her parents and the disdain of her siblings. As she aged, these habits went from being harmless gestures to pointed attacks on her father who she perceived as a heartless, corporate cutthroat who cared for nothing and no one beyond his profit margin.

Being an angst filled youth in combination with a hatred of corporate authority made Tria into the ideal candidate to get into journalism, where she hoped to expose the corruption within the mega corporations on Coruscant. Having been a young child when the Republic was reformed into the Empire, Tria had an extremely idealistic view of what the Republic was and what it represented, while her views of the New Order were polarized in the opposite direction. She hated the draconian mandates of the Empire and believed the people deserved democracy. This naturally stirred up her Father, who was a stoic patriot of the New Order and Emperor Palpatine, and had been since he became Chancellor at the onset of the Clone Wars.

After being detained on multiple occasions for illegal protestation, harassment of enforcement officers, and trespassing on private property, Tria learned some valuable life lessons. She learned that despite all the drama and tension between herself and her father, Paxton would go to extreme efforts to get her out of trouble to protect his own reputation. She also came to realize that she would have to be more careful in her methods. She started her own radio station that subtly addressed the issues of the people and she began to orchestrate her topics to walk the fine line between the Imperial propaganda engines and the truth. She has an immense following in the core worlds and it was not long before some representatives of the fledgling rebellion reached out and asked for her aid. She has been a member of the Rebellion ever since – using her top of the line relays to ferry encrypted messages to rebel cells during her shows.

Tria Kleo

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