Tordin "The Silencer" Mortesh

Shadow War


Handsome and composed – Tordin cuts a rugged figure in uniform and has the wit and charm to match. Yet under the veil of the persona he shares with the galaxy there is the heart and mind of a calculating killer. Employed as one of the many agents within the Empire assigned to assassination and “acquisition” of lost goods, Tordin has made a black reputation for himself amongst the enemies of the New Order.


Little is known of Tordin’s origins before his enrolment into the Imperial Military where he distinguished himself as a consummate solider and an able tactician. When the true depth of his abilities was established during a black op mission he was re-assigned to Intelligence where he worked as a solo black operative for a number of years in the seediest sectors of Imperial space. He worked within many criminal rings attempting to gather intel on their activities, whether they were a threat to Imperial rule and whether they had any plans of note. Then he would eliminate those threats without hesitation.

A decade of cold murder and bloodshed hardened Tordin to the coldness of the galaxy. He became accustomed to the violence, the thrill of conflict, and the rush of the hunt, yet he always maintained that cool, almost unnerving resolve whenever there was no violence at hand. It is as if a switch goes off inside his head and he becomes something more primal and malicious. His last field mission resulted in the utter destruction of a Huttese Palace – reports say there was no survivors.

After that he was debriefed and put through an extensive psych evaluation to determine his fitness for duty. He was found to suffer from a personality fracture that was triggered by the simple thought of violence. He was slated for honorable discharge when Admiral Kalison Gent requisitioned his skills personally. He has served as her head of security and enforcer ever since. How she has managed to keep his psychosis in check is a mystery still, but there has been no reports of excessive force or violent outbursts from any of Gent’s staff to date.

Tordin "The Silencer" Mortesh

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