Tobi Drake

Shadow War


Young, soft-spoken, and full of energy – Tobi walks the line between child and adult. While his mannerisms often seem meek and timid, his track record in the academy thrust him into the spotlight. Yet despite all his accolades and achievements in his short life, Tobi hates being the center of attention. What he lacks in social prowess he also lacks in physical strength, having spent the majority of his youth pouring over dataslates and the research of his idols, he never applied himself to more physical tasks. Yet for all his awkward behaviors and his scrawny appearance, he has a brilliant mind and a promising career ahead of him.


Raised by his uncle on Corellia, Tobi spent the bulk of his childhood touring the family manufacturing facilities and learning the family trade. Starship engineering was in his blood and he hails from a long line of innovators and trend setters, many of which paved the way for modern space travel. So it comes as no surprise the Tobi was given every opportunity to excel in his families field of study, and excel he did.

Despite spending the earliest days of his youth amidst a galaxy torn apart by civil war, Tobi lived a sheltered life of status and privilege, rarely being exposed to the horrors going on in nearby systems. This safety bubble assisted in the grooming process that was the boy’s childhood. He was passionate about starships – fixing them, improving them, and even destroying them, and in his earliest years of studies he wrote several essays on such topics, most of which met with outstanding approval from his instructors. Year after year he pressed the envelope winning academic awards and accolades – until his instructors, so impressed with his abilities, volunteered him into the New Order’s fledgling academy.

Failing nearly every military exercise the academy had to offer he was on the verge of being expelled when Kalison Gent took an interest in his writing. She saved him from expulsion and took him under her wing, hoping to cultivate his latent talent and knowledge into something far greater.

Tobi Drake

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