The Junk Moon


The massive, hulking forms of the Herglic are a rare sight abroad but Titus cuts a spectacular example. A hulking mass of muscled sinew and smooth leathery skin, Titus stands 8’ tall at the shoulder with fists the size of Astromech droids. Despite his imposing physique he has gentle eyes and a soft heart which is illustrated by his delicate handling of both valuable objects and tense situations. That is until he catches someone being deceitful, then all bets are off.

He often wears a beat up pair of trousers and suspenders with heavy work boots & scuffed up gloves and little else, preferring to let his skin feel the touch of the sun, or the dust on the air. No matter what, Titus remains at Beatrice’s side at all times – night or day and has seen many an aggressor “dissuaded” from any bad behaviors on her behalf.


A noble born of an ancient and venerable mercantile line within the Herglic Trade Empire of old, Titus grew up surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the many bazaars, merchant quarters, trade stations, and way stations in his peoples sector of the galaxy. His life was one of luxury and he was pointedly sheltered from the wonders and horrors of the galaxy at large. As one can imagine, Titus grew us naïve and idealistic and it was this combination of traits that would inevitably be his undoing.

All around him his family and friends slowly disappeared without trace or word. Some speculate they were forcibly removed by Imperial Agents to clear the path to the Empire’s inevitable subjection of the Herglic people, others think that they fled the New Order’s advance, others still think they simply fled with their wealth leaving everything behind. The only truth that is known is that Titus was left without wealth, without support, and in a very cold and hostile universe.

Desperate for companionship Titus swiftly found himself running with less than savory individuals who capitalized on the poor youth’s trusting nature. Weeks went by as his new found “friends” subtly probed for information about his parent’s wealth, their whereabouts, and any other tid-bit of data that could see them sitting in the lap of luxury. However, once his newfound comrades discovered he truly was alone and without a credit to his name they attacked him. After a savage stabbing that left the poor Herglic bleeding out in a gutter Titus was certain he was doomed.

He awoke some months later from a deep coma in the care of a strange but generous people. A trade-walker by the name of Beatrice happened upon his dying form after she had secured a sizable transaction. She spent a large portion of her people’s winnings in order to pay for his expensive medical bill, but her kindness touched a cord in Titus and he immediately swore himself to her side, where he has remained ever since. He is stoic and hard working, but ever weary and mistrustful of those who seem too good to be true.


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