Master Tento Vrisk

A Blast from the Past!


Judging by the hologram found within The Covin III Datacron, Tento appears to be a Noghri of middling stature. Yet his poise and composure speak not only to a rigid discipline and unyielding resolve, but also to a predatory heritage. His posture tells of a powerfully built body hidden beneath his robes. All that one would expect of a Jedi Master of his species.

The Noghri species is…


The historical records concerning Master Tento were locked away in the Jedi Temple Archives which have no doubt either been purged or secreted away to a hidden corner of the Galaxy. The only data concerning him is a brief chapter in a Republic Military databank at a Rebel Stronghold.

The information is about his supposed last mission, where he was sent to the Covin System alongside a decorated Republic Captain on a cruiser. The details of this mission were labelled top secret by the Jedi Order – and it says that both the ship and crew were declared dead some months after contact was lost. A Republic Fleet later invaded the system, presumably to finish what Master Vrisk and his comrades started – but they too were destroyed by the Hutt Powers of Covin Prime. The Republic later deemed the mission too costly and the Jedi Order was forced to agree. Whatever they set out to do is a time-lost mystery.

Master Tento Vrisk

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