Seb Higgins

The Junk Moon


A natural born Scavenger, Seb grew up surrounded by the love and affection of not only his family, but his people as well. Nick named “Little Scamp” by the majority of the camp – Seb spent his childhood exploring the salvage mounds and other treasures of his people. He had a vivid imagination and a natural talent for metalwork and machining, both qualities catching the eye of the Scavenger’s mechanics guild.

The boy was taken on as an apprentice on his 10th birthday and he was separated from his friends and parents, only allowed to visit on rest days or when he achieved a badge from his instructors. He worked diligently and as hard as one could expect from a young boy whose mind was prone to running wild. Yet, under the tempered guidance of his guild elders, Seb unlocked his true potential and swiftly earned a reputation for crafting top quality goods out of whatever scrap he could gather – a very valuable talent in a society where scrap is all you ever have.

Despite his passion for creating things Seb had other ambitions – he wanted to see the stars, see the craftsmanship of other cultures, and explore what the greater galaxy had to offer. Fortunate smiled on him once more when he was selected to escort the newly elected “trade-walker” on her missions abroad, where his natural talent would ensure her vessel stayed in top form, her weapons remained primed, and her mission met with success. Not to mention his keen eye for quality parts would no doubt be useful in her quests for salvage.

Seb Higgins

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