Nerrod Krag

The Junk Moon


Nerrod is an oddity when it comes to the Nikto – he was born not only as an albino, but also lacking the normally pronounced bony growths that his race is known for – this leaves his features slightly softer than the average member of his species and to non-Nikto it also makes him less imposing. Yet his stoic demeanor and stern gaze quickly remind those aiming to interact with him that he is still a dangerous individual.


Nerrod was born to flashing lights, loud music, and excessive drinking. Born in a Cantina amidst a bar-fight, Nerrod was marked to be a brawler from the start. His childhood was spent alone, his father working double shifts bouncing at the cantina where he was born, and his mother having passed while bringing him into the galaxy. The only lessons he ever received were those taught to him by his patriarch – how to punch, how to block, when to fight, and when to speak. There was no other children in his life, no other youth to interact with, only the drunkards, the riff-raff, and the few individuals who showed him any kindness.

So he did the only thing he could – he fought the dregs. Anyone who talked about his Dad got punched, anyone who insulted the Cantina or it’s patrons got punched, and anyone who happened to cross him in a bad mood got punched. As a child this beahavior usually resulted in him returning home battered and bruised, but as he aged he got tougher and before long her was winning more than losing. Nerrod made a name for himself as a true-bruiser, a meat head with little to offer but a sore jaw or a black-eye.

Years of brawling in and around the Cantina of his upbringing was bound to cause Nerrod problems in the long run, and that fact became reality the night Nerrod struck the wrong person. In a fit of anger brought on by some newcomers running mouth Nerrod hopped a table and committed to smashing the mouthy kid to bits. What he didn’t realize was this kid was the son of a Moff – and before he could even absorb what he got himself into, Krag was a fugitive of the empire.

His friends and family gave him what they could and ushered him off world, telling him to never return. Wanted pictures of him cropped up wherever he went, pushing him further and further towards the Outer Rim. Fortunately for Nerrod, he met up with Zyleen Toret who immediately took a liking to his no-nonsense attitude and his natural talent as muscle. They became fast friends and Nerrod became her chief of security until the fall of her corporate empire – and to this day sees her well-being as his top priority.

Nerrod Krag

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