M3-T2 "Moe"

Shadow War


A clean cut, practical, professional Astromech with a cynical streak – “Moe” prefers to focus on his tasks, many of which he doesn’t trust anyone else to complete on their own.

On the surface M3-T2 has no discerning characteristics to separate him from any other Mark II Astromech. His frame and utility appendages are unchanged, his thrusters and wheel mechanisms are nearly factory pristine, and his paint is well kept. The only quality that might strike a savvy droid enthusiast would be the strange dial in the middle of his back that seems strangely out of place.


Originally purchased and up kept by the savvy Corellian merchant Ferrell Quinlyn , M3-T2 has seen many decades aboard the Viridian Wind as its custodian and caretaker, a task that he takes tremendously seriously. When his original owner signed the Viridian Wind over to then first mate Jhozer Tyg the astromech refused to leave the vessel – forcing Ferrell to leave “Moe” in Jhozer’s capable hands. Since then M3-T2 has continued the task of maintaining the vessel, while also being allotted some additional aspirations – not the least of which is learning to translate his owners language into basic – a function usually reserved for protocol droids. Of all his tasks this is his least favorite as he hates being the center of attention and would prefer to be left alone.

M3-T2 "Moe"

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