Kytra Colsan

Why so blue, Panda Bear? You are a buffet of manliness.


Age: 23
Physical description: Young and nubile, Kytra, due to her race and lineage, is the epitome of health, sexuality and joviality. It is clear she is in peak physical condition, and when at all possible, prefers to wear clothes that accentuate the curves of her hourglass figure, and show off her long legs. Her skin is toward the darker range of her species, a healthy crimson red; while her hair is a light blue, which she likens to the color of a certain sweet enjoyed by human children during festivals. Her eyes are a deep purple and are often looking around at her surroundings, ever curious at what is going on; though others may see daftness in her gaze, Kytra does take care to observe her surroundings and is always considerate of others’ feelings.
Kytra is light-hearted and generally a happy person. She can be a bit spontaneous at times, and is flirtatious with everyone she meets. She’s a girl who loves to have a good time, and makes it a priority for those around her to join in on the good times, too.


A novice of the Rebel Alliance, Kytra owes much of her professional training to the tutelage of Bishop. This is Kytra’s first mission aboard Jhozer’s ship, and is likely the first time any of our PC’s have met her.

Kytra Colsan

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