Kristo Turval

Shadow War


On the surface a consummate officer of the New Order, dutiful and true to his station. Yet under the surface smolders a desire for justice and change in the galaxy, and he will do whatever it takes to see it happen.

Kristo would be considered handsome by most conventional standards were it not for the burn-scar covered left side of his face. Despite this deformation he carries himself with confidence and always appears to be in perfectly maintained officer garb without a lick of dirt or dust on his person.


Born on a mercantile freighter into a loving family, Kristo spent the majority of his childhood exploring the galaxy alongside his parents and siblings, learning all there is to know about the varied species, cultures and planets that existed within the Republic. Not only did he master this knowledge at a young age, but he also began to master the art of resource management, astrogation, and all the sciences that surrounded travel and logistics. His parents were ecstatic over his natural aptitude and it wasn’t long before he was practically managing the ship by himself, leaving the rest of his family to focus on growing the business.

Yet it wasn’t meant to last. In a cruel stroke of fate Kristo’s vessel exited hyperspace in the middle of a space battle between Republic forces and a band of Pirates and, before anyone could react, they were struck by a volley of turbo-blasterfire, incapacitating their ship. Fires erupted throughout the ship’s corridors and the merchant vessel spiraled out of control. During the initial explosions the child was licked by flame, smoldering the left side of his face, but before he could cry out alarms blared and then it all went silent as the hull ruptured. Everyone was sucked out into the cold vacuum of space, save Kristo, safely fastened to the command chair in the bridge. The boy could do nothing but watch as the lifeless forms of his parents and brothers drifted away into the frigid darkness. Then he blacked out.

When he awoke amongst the medical staff of a republic ship he was forever changed. He enlisted into the army and proved a valuable asset, though he was haunted by nightmares of his family’s deaths. He served faithfully and loyally, even after the rise of Palpatine’s New Order. However, as Kristo witnessed the monstrosities that were being committed in the name of “peace” and “order,” he was disturbed. Ever since he has played the part of loyal soldier, performing precisely as he is expected to – while at the same time leaking sensitive information to those who would unravel the Empire and restore true peace to the galaxy.

Kristo Turval

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