"King" Harkavos

Hark, The King Cometh


Grotesquely rotund, even by Hutt standards, Harkavos is a true testament to the decadent lifestyle he promotes on his planet. So large is he that it becomes a logistical task to move him about his palace, many a slave or droid has been destroyed amidst his slimy folds as he shifts too far to one side or another of his gilded palanquin. Despite the obese state of his body, the King’s mind remains razor sharp and he has surrounded himself with the most fanatically loyal killers and masterminds he could find – thus ensuring his longevity.


Ancient and venerable, the self proclaimed “King” of the Covin System has been alive for nearly a millennia and has been a renowned member of the Hutt Criminal Underworld for nearly nine centuries. Harkavos did not start his career at the top of the criminal food chain, quite the contrary – he spent the vast majority of his young adult life doing the bidding of his superiors and earning their favor.

Never the fool – Harkavos bided his time and played to his superiors as a minstrel plays to a ballroom. He maneuvered himself into positions of greater and greater authority while subtly maneuvering his enemies into ruin. Yet his moment of true glory would come in the Covin System, when his criminal overlord spent a great deal of his resources buying out Republic interests in the prospects of Covin Prime. As soon as the deal was struck and the corporations withdrew their crews from the planet Harkavos usurped power and forced his predecessor to work in the mines until he expired (shortly thereafter).

He has reigned supreme ever since, building up the Covin system by recycling the credits extracted from the planet into lavish facilities to cater to the wealthy. He also set up his own criminal organization that he dubbed his court – a band of criminals and thugs who would perform contract tasks on his behalf. Eight and a half centuries later and Covin is wealthy and prosperous and Harkavos has grown gloriously corpulent and wealthy in his twilight years – never once challenged for power, never once caught off guard by his enemies – for all his sloth the King remains a shrewd, cunning, and dangerous Hutt to this day.

"King" Harkavos

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