The Junk Moon


Kel’bo is a startlingly tall and lanky Mon Cala specimen standing well over 6’6 yet likely weighing no more than 140lbs. His face is in a constant state of apathy, rarely showing any signs of joy or sorrow, surprise or anger, and when these emotions do escape to the surface it is usually only for a very short lived moment. His movements are slow and often difficult to understand, as if there is a disconnect between his brain and his appendages – hands will grab objects outside of his field of vision for him to play with randomly, or his legs will give up and he will quickly toppled, only to land in a sitting position. These habits are often disconcerting to those who are unfamiliar with his “quirks.”

In terms of garb Kel’bo is surprisingly composed – wearing matching colours, styles, and is relatively clean. This seems to be because he rarely clothes himself and is instead catered to by his “best friend” Seb, who looks after him with a brotherly affection.


Kel’bo has always been special, if not quite right in the head. The majority of his life he has been labeled as slow of thought and lacking of wit. He is a simple being with simple desires and simple aspirations, he never wanted anything that wasn’t right in front of him. Unfortunately for Kel’bo his parents were hardened military veterans from a long lineage of war heroes who expected their one and only son to enroll and achieve great things. There was no choice in the matter and no room for discussion or complaint (not that Kel’bo attempted either) before he was shipped off to the academy where he summarily flunked every single course that was put to him save one. It turned out that, despite his horrendously bad scores in every facet of warfare, he was a natural pilot. Some would even go so far to say he doesn’t just have talent, but he is a savant of sorts.

He beat academy records in every category when it came to flight. There was no time score, no obstacle course, no combat simulation that he could not dominate in the cockpit – but as soon as he stood up from that chair he was back to simple, dimwitted Kel’bo. Naturally he was expunged from the Academy, and abruptly lost the affection of his father. His mother however, proud of his achievements however small they may have been, could not bear to disown him completely. Instead she pulled some strings and got him assigned to salvage operations with a Mon Calamari expedition heading to a recent theatre of a massive fleet battle.

The expedition was met with an ambush the likes of which no one had expected – pirates had taken up a scavenging operation of their own before the fleet arrived and swiftly annihilated the salvage vessels armed escort and most of the cargo freighters as well. In a stroke of brilliance, Kel’bo blindly made the jump to hyperspace without entering co-ordinates.. As luck would have it, he came out inside of a planets gravity well which promptly ripped his ship into fragments sending him and his remaining crew plummeting to the planets surface. He awoke later in the care of a strange people who had found his crash site. They saw what he had done, attempting to pilot the wreckage to the ground with what little resources he had and acknowledged his apparent ability, to which Kel’bo simply stared. They took him under their care and swiftly learned of his talents and have since put those abilities to spectacular use.


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