Kalison Gent

"Status report? What do you mean the experiment failed, my calculations were pristine. Do it again, this time without your incompetent mistakes, or I will find someone more capable to replace you."


Ruthlessly efficient, calculating, and dangerous, Kalison is the true embodiment of the ideal Imperial Officer. What’s more, she is a brilliant scientist and a shrewd tactician – making her a premier threat to those who find themselves rallied against her.

Although Kalison possesses an appearance that most would find lovely to look upon, it does little to obfuscate her cold detachment and overbearingly professional demeanor. This is a woman who cares little for the attention or affection of others and whose only purpose is to advance her career through her own hard work and merit. Always clean, always perfectly dressed without a hair out of place, Kalison strikes a pristine picture as an Officer of the Imperial Navy.


Born in the dimly lit lower levels of Coruscant and raised by a single, abusive, & perpetually drunk father, Kalison came from humble and tragic origins. Growing up in the shadow of a man who refused to give her access to education or any form of stimulation beyond indentured servitude, young Kalison was forced to scrounge whatever she could to satiate her lust for knowledge. She found herself fascinated specifically with the sciences and eagerly sought out any fragments of academic writing she could on her many errands for her father and was very careful to keep such endeavours a secret.

Her life changed rapidly after her fourteenth birthday when she returned home to find her father dead in a pool of his own bodily fluids. The authorities questioned her and, after finding her innocent of involvement, ushered her off to the orphanage where her innate brilliance was immediately recognized and she was quickly adopted by one of the Republic’s most decorated Admirals, who was attempting to appease his wife’s demand for a child without the need of a squalling infant. Under her new father’s tutelage she thrived, learning all he had to teach about military practice, while also being enrolled in the best schools the capital had to offer. Over the years the two grew tremendously close, the Admiral confided in his daughter with absolute trust – often pointing out the flaws with the Republic and how they could be improved through a stronger military presence and less pencil pushing.

Upon the day of her graduation from the Science Academy and her enrollment into the Grand Army of the Republic, Kalison received word that her father was killed in action against the Separatist army in what would be one of the last battles of the Clone Wars. This news cast a shadow over what was meant to be a celebratory day and brought back a tumult of negative memories from Kalison’s childhood she had thought forgotten. Overcome with grief she withdrew into herself, focusing on her work and her advancement as the only thing in her life with meaning. When Palpatine crowned himself Emperor and ushered in his New Order Kalison immediately saw her foster father’s dream becoming a reality. She committed herself completely to the Empire and her career has flourished under its reign.

Kalison Gent

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