"Oh my, what's going on? Is someone hurt? Oh let me help them, please stand aside... I said MOVE!... Thank you love."


Soft-spoken and timid by nature, Kaggi has been without clear purpose for her entire life, yet she finds comfort in helping those in need. Some would even say she excels at it..

As small of frame as she is timid of nature, Kaggi is far from the strong, imposing people she is descended from. Always perceived as the runt of the litter, Kaggi has learned to be meek in her demeanor and rarely speaks loudly or challenges the perceptions of others. Yet when it comes to her compassion she has no issues taking control – in the medical lab or the kitchen Kaggi is in her element and brooks no challenge to her authority, because helping those in need defines who she is and she has come to accept that. Garbed in plain fatigues that seem to be woven together from the traditional garments of a dozen other races, the only piece of clothing that is worthy of note is her long (almost too long) pure white long-coat that she wears constantly. She claims it is a badge of office in her role as both cook and doctor to the crew, that and it is very comfortable.


Life on the planet of Manaan was one of survival and struggle – the Selkath culture having reached the apex of their civilization millennia ago, causing their once advanced people to revert to a more simple and feral society. Hunters scoured the depths of the planet wide oceans searching for prey and glory, tribes battled for supremacy, and the species survived. Kaggi grew up in one such tribe, surrounded by conflict every waking minute of her life and she grew to loathe it. A natural caregiver with a gentle heart, she abhorred violence and chose to help those in need instead – mending the wounded, feeding the hungry, and in so doing she became a beloved and revered member of her tribe. Yet her father, a mighty warrior and alpha male, expected all of his children to do what must be done for their survival and often came down hard on Kaggi for her softness. Torn between her very nature and her sense of loyalty and duty to her people, Kaggi was constantly at odds with herself and never truly felt she had a place, even within her own family.

All of that changed when the Empire invaded Manaan. Most of her people were slaughtered or enslaved and she would have been too if not for the heroic intervention of a Corellian merchant by the name of Quinnan, who rescued Kaggi and a handful of other Selkath being loaded onto a slave shuttle destined for some unknown world. After her release Kaggi was informed that the daring raid was orchestrated and planned not by Captain Quinnan, but by his first mate, Jhozer. Realizing that her life and freedom from not only the potential slavery, but also the stigma of her situation within her tribe, rested solely on the shoulders of this Jhozer, Kaggi became overwhelming curious about him. Over time this curiosity blossomed into something much deeper and, upon realizing this, she swore herself to his side. Kaggi has since acted as the Viridian Wind’s cook, doctor, and house keeper.


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