Jhozer Tyg

Shadow War


A quick witted merchant with a chip on his shoulder about the new tax levies and other mercantile sanctions erected by the new Galatic Empire, Jhozer is one Gand who won’t stand for the injustice to the people and to his bank account

Despite being shorter than the average Gand, Jhozer has the kind of personality that seems to make him stand out amongst his peers. Despite his lucrative trade exploits before the end of the Clone Wars, Jhozer has always preferred simple, fine quality goods on his own personage, rather than the often ostentatious and elaborate wears he has been known to sell to his patrons. Yet he never seems to wear the same garb twice, often switching between various sets of brown coats, boots, and robes depending on how his mood takes him. Calm and collected – most of the time – Jhozer is the cornerstone of his crew, always offering sage advice and cautious wisdom, unless the Imperial’s are involved.


Raised in a culture where you don’t even get to acknowledge yourself as an individual until you begin accruing renown for notable deeds, Jhozer struggled to find his own path. His people are well known throughout the galaxy for their “findsmen” abilities making them potent bounty hunters and security personnel – Jhozer lacked that particular gift, yet he had a strong desire to go out and see other worlds. It wasn’t until he encountered a Corellian Merchant by the name of Ferrell Quinnan who had stopped over at a trade station orbiting his homeworld of Gand that he realized his true calling. Volunteering to join the merchants crew he left his homeworld for the first time and began his adventure to see the galaxy.

After many years of travelling from system to system and learning all that his new companions had to teach him about the mercantile trade, his captain and friend Ferrell opted to retire and left his ship and wares to Jhozer, who accepted them graciously and continued on plying his trade. Shortly thereafter came the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Empire which changed the entire way trade was conducted. Strict sanctions, regular inspection, steep taxes, and a direct insult to his pride by a imperial customs official all culminated in Jhozer seeking out and offering his ship, wares, and life to the rebellion’s cause.

Jhozer Tyg

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