Hibbo Dotho

The Junk Moon


Tall and slender, even by Rodian standards, Hibbo carries himself with a sense of dignity and pride that is strangely in contrast with his profession and surroundings. He’s dressed in fine-ware that looks like something that would be adorned by a highly successful merchant, not someone fencing goods on some backwater junk-heap. No conversation with Hibbo is ever complete without him emphasizing his love of quality goods. He is so driven by his self-imposed creed on quality that he will not accept any goods that he considers “common grade” and will only deal on the rare and the expensive – a difficult prospect in a world composed of garbage.


A merchant born of merchants, Hibbo has been groomed his entire life to have a keen eye for both deals and quality. Given every opportunity to succeed by his family and peers, Hibbo slapped his benefactors across the face when he opted to make his career on a ball of floating garbage. They scoffed, scorned, and sneered at every opportunity, but Hibbo was unphased – because he had a plan so brilliant and so outside the box that he would become more wealthy than any of them could imagine. He would open up shop in a backwater wasteland that was full of hidden relics and precious resources and act as a fence for all the treasure hunters that would flock to such a place! His brilliance could not be denied and soon his colleagues would see the truth of it.

Specializing in rare and exotic goods, Hibbo set up shop in Wreckage Bay to offer his services as a fence and smuggler to all those who would risk the extreme dangers of the Rust Forests and Biting Wastes to extract the expensive and often rare materials to be found within the wrecked husks of the fallen ships and the old mining equipment of Covin Prime.

Hibbo Dotho

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