The Junk Moon


Notably larger than the average Jawa, Greef seems to have learned at a young age that brawn and bullying can be a lucrative business. Underneath his mounds of robes and utility belts exists a well toned body – honed from years of wrestling and overpowering his smaller kin. He is a wiry little ball of aggression, attitude, and isn’t afraid to take what he wants.

Upon close inspection one couldn’t help but notice the array of bladed implements tucked into his belts and bandoliers – a strange assortment of pointed objects acquired from scavenging hundreds of junk fields and not one an actual weapon fabricated with the purpose of doing harm to others. Just daggers of scrap metal, shivs of duraglass, scale-based knives, and crystalline shanks.


Greef’s history before his life with the Scavengers is shrouded in mystery. He refuses to discuss it openly, though many of his companions have developed theories of their own based on his behavior. The most prominent theory is that Greef, being larger and stronger than his brethren, usurped dominance through force and fear. The consensus is that he was a lord or king amongst his tribe and oppressed his people with his iron fist – bullying and beating those who wouldn’t obey. Yet every tyrant has his day and eventually his tribe revolted and forced him into exile, likely chasing him across whatever planet they called home before he made his escape into space via whatever means he could.

He must have traversed the galaxy for awhile, as he has trinkets and knick nacks from all over. Yet he has only been a member his new family for a handful of years. Amongst his peers he is respected for his ability to protect others, though his enthusiasm for violence can sometimes get him and his comrades into trouble.


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