Shadow War


A hardnosed veteran of battles beyond count, Bishop is a consummate warrior who is always focused on the task at hand. Whether this is due to his sense of professionalism or his running from the nightmares of his past, only he can truly say.

Garbed in dusty cloth coat that conceals a battered, dented and well worn suit of clone trooper armor – in the style of the Clone Wars – that has seen countless layers of fresh paint and decades of use and armed with a pair of blasters that have served him faithfully for decades, Bishop cuts an imposing figure.

Despite the fact that this outdated armor has made his the target of every storm trooper patrol and imperial scout that he has come across, Bishop has never been able to part with it.



A Clone who was engineered to serve as a frontline soldier in the Grand Army of the Republic from its inception, Bishop climbed the ranks swiftly becoming a Commander before the end of the Clone War. He served the Republic faithfully, turning on his Jedi comrades when order 66 was set in motion. However, in the years following, Bishop became uncomfortable with his actions and was haunted by his betrayal of his friends. After the Rise of the Empire and the oppression of the Republic’s citizens the Commander finally broke and as Vader prosecuted his campaign to rid the galaxy of the Jedi, Bishop saw his chance to escape. He was offered a key position within the 501st legion, aptly named “Vader’s Fist,” which he accepted and during his transfer to Vader’s capital ship he overpowered the pilots and jumped into the warp before anyone was aware of his defection. Finding himself without purpose Bishop spent numerous years as a shrouded bounty hunter taking contracts from the various gangs and crime lords of the outer rim. Bishop finally found the opportunity to rectify the mistakes of his past when the Rebellion began their campaign to depose the Emperor and return the Republic to its ancient seat of power. He has since thrown his weight in with the Rebellion, putting his decades of combat experience and intimate understanding of Imperial military protocols to stunning use, providing many small victories to his Rebel allies and building up a reputation as a champion of the cause.


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