Beatrice Paine

The Junk Moon


Despite being constantly covered in dirt, dust, and grime Beatrice comes off as unnaturally upbeat given her vocation. She is clever, shrewd and has a keen eye for quality, even amongst mountains of junk. If she were ever to be completely clean and able to withhold her snippy wit it would not be difficult to imagine her in the regal courts and estates of Coruscant. Yet it is abundantly clear that she enjoys her role in the galaxy and likes the prospect of getting her hands (and often everything else) dirty to help out those in need.


Born to a wealthy noble family in the heart of Coruscant, Beatrice spent the majority of her childhood wanting for nothing. She went to the best schools, had access to the best clothing and accessories, and was friends with all the right people. Her parents, however, made a fatal error when they opted to stand against the then “Chancellor” Palpatine when he began his ascension to Emperor.

From the moment her father spoke out against Palpatine’s agenda his family was marked for death (or worse) and it wasn’t long before they were on the run. With their supporters, allies, and friends swiftly withdrawing assistance to protect themselves Beatrice and her family found themselves alone amongst a planet of billions. With little recourse, and with bounty hunters and imperial agents dogging their heels, the Paine family fled their home world in search of a new beginning far from Imperial territory.

The years following were hard and claimed Beatrice’s fathers life when Bounty Hunters once again caught their trail. Later her mother would succumb to a terrible illness that caused her mind to waste away into nothingness. After all the terror, the tragedy, and the suffering – Beatrice found a new home. Landing on a small, desolate planet to refuel her now well worn shuttle, Beatrice was approached by people like her – the hunted, disposed and lost. She was offered a position within their community which she accepted, and has never looked back.

Beatrice Paine

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