Star Wars - Shadow War

Blast from the Past!

Jedi Datacron

As you all make your way back towards Salvage Landing, reflecting on the dangers you overcame, the odd behavior of the larger gundark, and the identity of whatever shadowy master had power over it – your thoughts are interrupted by a Hologram of what appears to be a Noghri Jedi that manifests before you.

“Greetings and salutations – my name is Master Tento Vrisk of the Jedi Order. I was tasked with the safeguarding of these archives by the Jedi Council and within this Datacron I have stored not only my personal logs of the events as they have transpired here, but I also intend to store the wealth of knowledge, history, and lore contained within these ancient halls. If you are hearing this I implore you – seek out the Jedi Council and deliver this to them or, if that is outside the realm of possibility – protect it and see it delivered to someone who can take it home. My gratitude – may the force be with you.”

As the hologram dissipates you realize it was being projected from Auria’s satchel and the Datacron within. Perhaps the contents would be worth studying when time permits?


Ravenfeld Ravenfeld

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