The Galatic Empire is at its apex of power and the rest of the galaxy suffers. Under strict laws and regulations all enforced by the entire military body of the New Order the countless trillions of people, living on the millions of worlds that comprise the Empire and beyond, all live in fear of oppression and the threat of tyranny. Yet in the darkest corners, outside of the watchful gaze of Imperial legislation, people are stirring.

Skeptical of the legitimacy of the Empire, disenchanted with the draconian rules and the heavy handed enforcement, or simply embittered by the system – people flock to a small organization in its budding infancy where plots and plans of the Emperor’s downfall are spoken in dark cantinas and backwater space ports, feral worlds and abandoned embassies, and even in the heart of Coruscant itself. You are members of this organization, walking the unseen path between politics and all-out conflict, dancing the line between truth and lies. You are a different kind of soldier in a different kind of war – years before the Rebellion struck the first blows against the Empire in open battle, there was the Shadow War.

Star Wars - Shadow War

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